April 9, 2012

Make Your Own Recycled Paper Picture

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I remember cold winter days when I lived in Illinois spent inside working on craft projects. Those days are few and far between now. I seldom have lazy, rainy days to spend cuddled up inside reading and creating anymore. It just doesn’t rain much in the west. I don’t see much of a winter any more either since I’ve been spending them in Arizona. What I do experience once in awhile are days so hot I would rather stay inside. There aren’t many days like this. I hate to admit it but today was one. It was only in the 90’s (the locals call this spring), but a bit to hot for me not to be lounging by a beach or pool. Since it was rather miserable outside, in my opinion, I decided to work on a recycled paper project. It’s great for a rainy day ( or hot day) for adults. Because of the use of a craft knife children shouldn’t make this.


 Recycled Paper Picture

Clean Used Cardboard
Magazines & Scrap Paper
Card Stock (Used if possible)
Glue (I preferred a glue stick)
Craft Knife

1) Cut used paper into strips. You pick the width of the strips for your projects.
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 2) Glue stripes of paper onto cardboard using a layering technique. Overlap each stripe with the next strip of paper. 

 3) Cut card stock in the pattern you would like. 
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 4) Glue the card stock on top of the used paper covered cardboard.

 5) Frame and enjoy!

Notes: I cut the strips of paper that I used in my pictures large. Cutting the paper into smaller strips would give the picture a different effect. I’m going to use smaller strips in the future. 

Any type of paper can be used for this easy project. I used old wrapping paper from the 70’s for my pictures. Some other ideas on paper to use include: wall paper, used coloring book pages, magazines, old dictionary pages, travel brochures, food packaging, and used greeting cards. The cardboard that is inside packages of socks, tee-shirts and other clothes is a great source of “card stock”.   
You can use stencils to cut out whatever you want from the card stock. This will allow for more precise figures and cuts. Freehand cutting is also possible. All of my pictures where freehanded. I like that the figures aren’t perfect. One more way to make the picture unique!

Use caution when using your craft knife! It is very easy for the paper to slip. I always use a cutting board with a towel underneath. This prevents the board from slipping. I also used small clips to keep the paper securely on the cutting board. If an adult does the cutting for children, this project is great for kids to create.


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