April 23, 2012

How To Cut Tee Shirt Into Strips For Knitting and Crocheting

1) Cut tee shirt straight across below the sleeves. You want to create a tube out of the tee bottom half of the shirt. The top half of the shirt can be used, but it will require more sewing later to connect each strip.

2) Cut off bottom seam of shirt.

3)  Lay tee shirt tube down flat with a closed side of the tube facing up.  The open sides should be on the left and right.  Take the bottom of the tube (the other closed side) and fold it up towards the other end. Stop about 2 in inches from the top. Take the bottom again and fold it on top of the first fold. Cut the ends of the folded tube even if needed.

Tee shirts folded and ready to be cut.

4) From the bottom of the folded tube, cut stripes about on inch wide. Cut up wards towards the unfolded part of the tube. Stop cutting the strips where the folds stop. Do Not cut all the way to the top! Smaller strips are easier to crochet with. Try to make the strips the same width as possible.

Tee shirt being cut into stripes. Do cut all the way to the top!
5) Place your arm through the uncut unfolded top of the shirt tube. *Be careful not to cut yourself* Cut the first strip loose by cutting straight across the width of the strip. Unwind strip from your arm to the next cut. Cut from the cut of the next strip across the uncut part of the shirt tube to the cut of the strip on the other side. It may look like you are cutting diagonally across the uncut portion of the tube. Continue cutting each strip this way. The shirt tube should unwind in one continuous strand.

Notes: I cut at least three shirts before I got the hang of cutting.  The object is to get one continuous strip of tee shirt. If you make a mistake and end up with rings no problem. Just cut each ring and attach (see section on attaching below) each strip to one another. Longer strips just involve less sewing and seams within the crochet work. I used the top part of the shirts also. I cut off the arms and neckline at the seams. Then just cut what’s left into strips. I haven’t used the sleeves yet. I’m looking for a project just for them.  

Attaching The Tee Shirt Strips Together

I sewed some of the strips together and used Liquid Stitch on others. Hand sewing was fine for the longer stripes of fabric (if I was lucky enough to cut correctly).  I ended up with a lot of short strips that I still wanted to use. Instead of sewing all of these, I used liquid stitch. It worked well, was much quicker than hand sewing, and stayed together fine during crocheting. I actually prefer to use Liquid Stitch for this type of project now. The seams that were made this way also hid better in the crochet work than their sewed counterparts. Only time will tell which method will holdup after use.


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