December 1, 2011

Make A Plastic Grocery Bag Christmas Wreath

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We all remember making tissue paper wreaths in grade school. This project is a variation of this classic classroom craft. Made with used cardboard and plastic grocery bags, the wreath is inexpensive to create. Making a wreath this way is easy for children of all ages, making it a great winter break craft project.

Cardboard- Reuse clean cardboard from your home.
Plastic Grocery Bags- White and red if possible.
Glue-  See below about types of glue.
Pen/Pencil- To push the plastic onto the cardboard.

1) Make a cardboard ring out of clean used cardboard. This ring can be any size you would like. Clean pizza cardboard make perfect large wreaths with less cutting involved. Use a pie pan to trace the center circle of the pizza cardboard. Always use care when cutting, especially when children are doing the cutting. Ruff edges aren't a big deal because the plastic will cover them up. You can also clear coat/paint the cardboard ring now if you would like to make it sturdier.

2) Cut plastic bags into 2X2 inch squares.
Place the end of ink pen into the center of a plastic square.Holding plastic to the pen apply the glue of your choice.

4) Use ink pen to press glued plastic square to the cardboard ring. Hold for a few seconds depending on the glue used.

5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the cardboard ring is covered with plastic squares. Use red plastic (writing or printing on bags) if available on wreath to act like berries.

6) Let the wreath dry overnight (depending on the glue used). Decorate with beads, bows, or anything else you would like. Try to find things in your home to reuse as decorations!

A Few Thoughts On Glue:
I used both white school glue and super glue to make this small wreath. The white school glue worked fine, but takes longer to dry and doesn't have as strong of a bond. Super glue works instantly, and the bond is very strong. When making this craft with children I would use school glue and just handle with care. School glue was best applied by dipping the plastic while on the end of the pen in a puddle of glue on a paper plate. I also found it better to let the white glue set until it got tacky before using to attach the plastic squares. Other types of glues can be used in this project when being made by adults.


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