November 14, 2011

Nose To The Grind Stone

The Queen of Procrastinators has finally finished something! To be fair, I've been producing and listing lots of jewelry on Etsy and have even started my Christmas gift craft projects. I've just procrastinated finishing any of my many crochet projects. In the last week I finally finished the crocheted sweater dress that I started a couple of months ago for my niece. I also finished a hat that I have no idea when I started. I found my knitting looms under the bed, and a hat was already started. I finished it last night and plan to send it to my other niece, Alexis. 

Girls' Sweater Dress Complete!

Besides making things for sale and gifts, I've been working on writing down patterns for a few custom crafts that I have made. Writing patterns seems to be something you have to do as you are crocheting. I'm having a hard time going back after I've created something to figure out exactly how many stitches where used.! I need written directions for a couple of my crochet creations. In the future I would like to make more, and need them to be uniform. Without a pattern I can reproduce projects, but their proportions may not always be the same. Of course there is a great benefit to this blog if I can finish some of my own patterns. The main theme of posts so far have been about selling things, which was not the main intention of the blog. I would like it to be a place to share different craft ideas and projects with others, and get their feedback about said projects. Selling stuff is secondary, and as much of a hobby as making the creations! Practice makes perfect!

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I've been working with acrylic beads and wire to create bead flowers. My Triple Flower Suncatcher was the first thing I made using the idea. I love it! It is so cute shinning in the bright sunlight of the desert. I made a pretty pink single strand suncatcher that was going to be for sale. After looking at it for awhile I decided to send it to my sister as a decoration for Kylie's grave. It's winter there now, so the suncatcher will have to be put out next spring. 

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