November 27, 2011

Make Your Own Christmas Beaded Garland

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This year I found myself able to have a Christmas tree for the first time in four years. Because we have a ton of decorations in storage in Wisconsin, I don't want to buy a bunch of new things.  I made this garland today for our tree out of beads I already had. I'm planning on making all of my decorations this year, and will post the projects as they are completed.

Beaded Christmas garlands are simple and common. Although garlands can be bought already completed, making your own garland allows you to customize the garland for your home's holiday decor. The project is easy, and the possibilities are endless. 

Step by step directions aren't really needed for a project of this sort. Just about any type of string material can be used to string the beads on. Beading wire, fishing line, bead thread, or even yarn if the bead holes are large enough.  A simple knot on one end and your ready to start. I chose to use jewelry crimps to make loops on the ends of my garland. These loops can later be used to hang the garland if needed. Let your creativity be your guide. Happy Holidays!

Copyright © 2011 TownsEndCrafts.Com
What I Used To Make A 8 Foot Garland:
93- 10mm Acrylic Beads
67- 15mm Acrylic Beads
25- 20x13 Acrylic Beads
8 1/2 Feet Beading Wire
Jewelry Crimps for each end


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