September 10, 2011

Crafting, Crafting, One, Two, Three

The summer is drawing to a close. Usually I would be saddened by this, but now I get excited. The end of summer means time to move along. We will spend almost two months this fall traveling to Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter. The trip is only 800 miles or so, but we like to take our time! I'm looking forward to some free time to finish some projects, rockhounding and maybe a couple hot springs.

I always seem to have some sort of craft project going. Right now I have a few things in different stages of completion. 1) A crocheted sweater for me that just needs the edging to be finished. (I'm not sure if I like this sweater. I may tear it out.) It's pictured to the left. 2) Another sweater for me in the same basic design as the other. 3) A crocheted ruffle skirt for my niece that just needs the elastic sewed on and some edging. (I'm not sure why I never finish something before starting something else. I finished this three months ago!) 4) Three different necklaces that need bracelets and earrings made to match. 5) A couple of beaded sun catchers that I just started.

I've also made a few beaded key chains this week. They are really cute, and girly. The key chains also could be used as a zipper pull on backpacks or as rear view mirror ornaments. I'm hoping to make a few more, and list them on Etsy, along with some other jewelry I've already finished, before we leave. During our up coming travel time I'll have lots of time to make things, but I'm not so sure how much internet access I'll have. I hope everyone had a marvelous Labor Day holiday. Happy trails and pleasant crafting!


Homeless said...

You made a sweater?!?! How very cool. I haven't had the guts to make anything that large that needs a good fit, yet. I doubt I ever will.

BTW I would still love it if you could make me some pretty stitch markers with your jewelry making knowledge. I will buy them off of you. I kick ass choker is on my wish list too! ;)

Gratz on the new blog! Best of luck.

Town's End Crafts said...

Took me a month to see your comment! I must be more attentive! Just trying to get the blog going a bit before I launch it. I've been making lots of stuff lately, and thought this was a better place to talk about it then our travel blog.

I still need to finish that sweater. I don't really like how it fits. I started another one with the same basic pattern, but changed it to better fit. Still haven't finished that either....

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